Conrad MacIntyre

Husband, Father, Player of Guitar.

Hello there, pedestrians, city dwellers, young urban professionals. I do a lot of things, but I am just a guy who loves his family, music, travel, modern history, and making obscure 80's film references. If you got the one I included here, you ought to email me. We should probably be friends.

Conrad MacIntyre

Designer, Developer, Maker of Things.

This is what I do for work. If you want something great done, fire me an email and we can probably help each other out. I'll help you craft an awesome web presence and you'll help me feed my family! Everyone's a winner! But in all seriousness I love web development and I've been doing it for a lot longer than I've been making a living at it. Read more over at

Conrad MacIntyre

Writer, Blogger, Conveyor of Opinion.

Like any good designer or developer, I'm opinionated. If you want to read those opinions as they relate generally to the world of technology head on over to Rampant Speculation and have a read. My writing gets better as the dates become more recent. And even though some of my older stuff shows my lack of expertise (yeah, I thought Apple'd never ship an iPad Mini just 'cause Steve Jobs said so, can I plead ignorance?) I've left it there for posterity, transparency, and to keep me humble.

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